We believe everyone has a story; we want to help you tell yours. 3 Lil Sisters Productions creates documentary films for engagements, weddings, B’nei Mitzvah, quinceaneras, births, retirement, graduations and any other milestone that deserves to be memorialized. Imagine debuting your very own documentary at your celebration and showing your guests, through the power of film, what brought you to this moment and why it is so significant.

At 3 Lil Sisters Productions, we use our experiences as entertainment industry professionals to craft an unforgettable film that will serve as a living, breathing time capsule of your landmark occasion. Each film is tailor-made to capture your point of view—we use in-depth interviews, photographs, home video and documents from your personal archive, along with highlight shoots to create a film that will be the centerpiece of any party and will be cherished for years to come. 

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Here’s how it works:

We start with our pre-production meeting. This is where we get a sense of who you are and what it will take to tell your story. We talk through your archives – photos, videos and mementos, and we begin to plan our shoots. This generally takes place at least 6 weeks before you’d like to premiere your film.

Next comes the production phase, where we work closely with you to capture your story on film through interviews, candid filming and highlight shoots.

Finally, in post-production, we bring together all the elements: interviews, original footage, family photos and music to create a documentary about you. You’ll have one final opportunity to weigh in and give us “notes” before we hand off the finished product for you to debut at your event.

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